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About Us

We are a veteran-owned security company that offers worldwide asset protection, executive protection, and emergency response services. Ledlow specializes in threat/risk assessment services to private and governmental agencies. Our staff of trusted professionals have military and law enforcement backgrounds. We are backed by $2M general liability insurance.



Marks Journey Began as  Wild Land Fire Fighter for several years while attending College. He joined the Marine  Corps for an 8-year Contract. 

During his 8 year contract, he had a tour into Mexico and into Nicaragua. Mark was NCO of Communications and Logistics. Mark also worked as a Youth Corrections Officer and also worked as a Reserve  Police Officer. Upon graduation with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology and Psychology on the Dean's List. 

Mark worked for Washington Mutal as a Regional Manager and also worked for Key Bank in Business Development. 


Mark has worked in Private Sector Security for the past 13 Years. Mark has been asked to speak as a panel speaker addressing the topic of being a solo practitioner for the Close Protection Conference.

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